When we first approached Gest8 our needs were very simple and our budget was limited. IT recruitment is very much an online business and our primary concern was maintaining a credible and professional online image.

Gest8 were great partners from the beginning. They helped us break down our requirements and turn them into a constructive, cost-effective plan.
Our existing website was difficult and costly to maintain, particularly as we needed to change some of the content fairly often.

Moving our site to a Gest8 server was a breeze! Using Typo3 meant that we could suddenly make any changes to our content when we wanted.

The next task in our plan was to make our mark on the virtual map. Gest8 helped us get better listings on the top search engines and get links to our site from where it matters – where our clients are.
Once we were confident our website could work for us, we made more money available for a Google Adwords campaign. Gest8 set up and managed the campaign, providing us with regular advice and feedback. Their input was clear and constructive, helping us to make the campaign a success.
With more people using our site we began to look at the design more critically. We decided it wasn’t professional enough and turned to Gest8 for a simple, elegant alternative.

Our website is generating real leads now since most of the people who visit it are interested in what we sell. Gest8 took our original, poorly-crafted web presence and helped us make it into something of real benefit to our business.

Neil Mills, Managing Director, MillsHill IT Recruitment.

Stonelove Limited


Having searched extensively for a suitable company to put my business online, I was lucky enough to find Gest8. Not only did they set up my business on line for me but they gave me tutorials in Typo3 a content management application. This allowed me full control over the website giving me the freedom to add products and pages myself easily and quickly.

The staff at Gest8 were incredibly helpful assisting me with any minor problems I encountered providing me with remote assistance and online advice. My requests were dealt with and resolved immediately and expert advice and suggestions were offered for all aspects of running a website business.

Other services I looked at didn’t give me the option of managing the site myself and would have cost me money for every minor change made to my website. Any webmaster will know how often adjustments have to be made to keep their website up to date and to keep trying to improve the position of their site in the search engine rankings. Gest8 gave me the option of them providing this service or me adjusting it myself. I chose to manage the site myself but was constantly given excellent advice from the experts at Gest8. All of this service was provided at a fraction of the price I was quoted from other companies offering a similiar service.

I can I say that I am exceptionally grateful to Gest8 for getting my website up and operational and now am receiving orders online and my business is going up and up. Even now my website is reguarly reviewed by the committed staff at Gest8 who provide me with advice and suggestions on how to keep improving the content and factors that will improve my rankings in the search engine. Gest8 is the way forward for anybody considering moving their business online or creating a new website.

Matthew Paton, Director, Stonelove Ltd

The Relationship Specialists

As someone who knows very little about computers and techy stuff, Quentin and his team have been a god-send. I knew the kind of website that I wanted and the service that it needed to deliver, but had no experience of working with techies or knowing the language of the industry. Gest8 have been fantastically patient and persevering in ensuring that what they delivered matched my requirements, in spite of my sketchy brief. I look forward to working with Gest8 as I watch the site and the business grow.

Paula Hall, Clinical Director, The Relationship Specialists



We at N-DEVA continue to wallow in the congratulations we receive from our customers on the ease of use and overall professional appearance of our website. We had expected a few problems to occur initially since, as well as launching a completely new site, we also changed its hosting to Gest8 servers. Yet our existing high rankings on Google have continued and hosting has been trouble-free.

Gratifyingly, in the first two months after launching the new site our average hit rate more than doubled and our sales increased by 38% compared with the 8 weeks immediately prior to the launch. Since then our sales growth has continued unabated. We are especially pleased with our export sales figures which have increased four times since Gest8 developed a bespoke checkout system for us for foreign orders.

All in all, we have been extremely happy with our experience of Gest8. Our emails have been answered promptly and any changes have been executed quickly. Our impression from working with them is that they are very professional and have excellent technical skills.

We anticipate a continued relationship with Gest8 as our company grows and with our website playing a key role in that growth.

Janet Leatham, Director, N-DEVA LTD.

The Lovers’ Guide


Prior to commissioning Gest8 to re-build the Lovers’ Guide website, we had experienced serious problems with no fewer than four web development companies, none of which had been able to provide a satisfactory range of solutions. Basically, what we had was a costly mess.

Gest8 provided, in the first instance, a robust and flexible set of systems according to a spec which, thanks to a detailed and client-friendly period of consultation, matched the needs of the Lovers’ Guide.

Since that time, as the site has grown and as our search engine ranking has risen, Gest8 have provided a very good standard of ongoing customer support and have been readily available to make additions and modifications to the site as and when these have been requested. The service has been timely and cost-effective – indeed, I would say that Gest8 provide excellent value for money.

A glance at the Lovers’ Guide website will quickly reveal the variety and sophistication of code employed and also the skill with which the various modules have been integrated. It is a pleasure and also a relief to have found a web development team who deliver on their promises.

Oliver Peers – Managing Editor, The Lovers’ Guide