Stonelove Limited


Having searched extensively for a suitable company to put my business online, I was lucky enough to find Gest8. Not only did they set up my business on line for me but they gave me tutorials in Typo3 a content management application. This allowed me full control over the website giving me the freedom to add products and pages myself easily and quickly.

The staff at Gest8 were incredibly helpful assisting me with any minor problems I encountered providing me with remote assistance and online advice. My requests were dealt with and resolved immediately and expert advice and suggestions were offered for all aspects of running a website business.

Other services I looked at didn’t give me the option of managing the site myself and would have cost me money for every minor change made to my website. Any webmaster will know how often adjustments have to be made to keep their website up to date and to keep trying to improve the position of their site in the search engine rankings. Gest8 gave me the option of them providing this service or me adjusting it myself. I chose to manage the site myself but was constantly given excellent advice from the experts at Gest8. All of this service was provided at a fraction of the price I was quoted from other companies offering a similiar service.

I can I say that I am exceptionally grateful to Gest8 for getting my website up and operational and now am receiving orders online and my business is going up and up. Even now my website is reguarly reviewed by the committed staff at Gest8 who provide me with advice and suggestions on how to keep improving the content and factors that will improve my rankings in the search engine. Gest8 is the way forward for anybody considering moving their business online or creating a new website.

Matthew Paton, Director, Stonelove Ltd