We at N-DEVA continue to wallow in the congratulations we receive from our customers on the ease of use and overall professional appearance of our website. We had expected a few problems to occur initially since, as well as launching a completely new site, we also changed its hosting to Gest8 servers. Yet our existing high rankings on Google have continued and hosting has been trouble-free.

Gratifyingly, in the first two months after launching the new site our average hit rate more than doubled and our sales increased by 38% compared with the 8 weeks immediately prior to the launch. Since then our sales growth has continued unabated. We are especially pleased with our export sales figures which have increased four times since Gest8 developed a bespoke checkout system for us for foreign orders.

All in all, we have been extremely happy with our experience of Gest8. Our emails have been answered promptly and any changes have been executed quickly. Our impression from working with them is that they are very professional and have excellent technical skills.

We anticipate a continued relationship with Gest8 as our company grows and with our website playing a key role in that growth.

Janet Leatham, Director, N-DEVA LTD.